Best Ever Blog – 1″ Wool Saddle Pad Fitting

Best Ever Blog – 1″ Wool Saddle Pad Fitting

KushWith customers from all over the country, many who order pads online as opposed to buying them in person, it is the job of Best Ever employees to help these horse owners design and order a saddle pad that correctly fits their horse’s back. Obviously every horse is a little different and has different needs, but with their guidance and 30 years of experience as horsemen, Best Ever employees are able to tell their customers what works best for them and the company.

Every horse is built different, but no matter their structure, it is important to always make sure your saddle and pad fit their backs correctly. Ryan White, one of the owners of Best Ever Saddle Pads, is here today to give a few need-to-know pointers when it comes to finding the right pad.

Most horses, with a standard back, are easy to take care of, and for that Best Ever Pads has their new one inch thick wool saddle pad known as the Kush pad. Normally when you saddle your horses up it is best to start with the pad sitting further up on their back, that way if and when it does slide down their back into position it doesn’t cause any irritation – the less friction between the hair and pad the better. With just the pad on the back it is easy to see that this pad fits well and lays very flush against the horse’s back. After throwing on a correctly fitting saddle tighten the cinch just enough to see that this pad also doesn’t push down on the withers of the horse, allows plenty of space in between the gullet to run your hand, or at least three fingers, through, and is big enough to still have an extra inch of room both in front of and behind the saddle. All around the saddle doesn’t want to roll at all and lays snug on the horse’s back.

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