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The Cadillac Saddle Pad is part of our CEO Collection, that was specially engineered in 2010 as a high withered horse saddle pad, with 3/4” closed-cell foam inserts throughout the bars of the saddle and 1/4” closed-cell foam insert placed strategically over the shoulders. Created for extremely high withered and senior horses with narrow and bony backs the Cadillac is a high withered saddle pad that aids in comfort and keeps it from collapsing in areas behind your horses shoulders by offering extra support. With two lining options the bad can be fully customized to your horse. It comes in a dark grey color with three thickness options: 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” thickness.

The Cadillac Saddle Pad Is Ideal For:

  • Performance Events: The Cadillac Saddle Pad is a great option for team ropers, calf ropers, steer ropers and other performance horses. With the extra support and comfort of the closed-cell foam throughout it makes a great roping saddle pad.
  • Senior Horses: For horses where there age is catching up with them the Cadillac Saddle Pad offers extra layers for support in the withers and upper shoulder areas.
  • Extremely High Withered Horses: For horses with extremely high withers the Cadillac Series wither relief western saddle pad offers extra support in areas behind the shoulders with foam inserts that keep the pad from collapsing.

Saddle Pad Lining:

  • The Fleece lining creates a soft feel for added comfort, shock absorption, and wicking ability.
  • The Neoprene lining is shock absorbent and well as being anti-fungal and antibacterial as it doesn’t absorb sweat and is easy to clean but isn’t a very breathable option.