Saddle Pads 101

Saddle Pads 101 If you've been around horses for any appreciable amount of time, you've probably noticed a variety of saddle pads being used by riders. Options include everything from simple Navajo blankets to custom saddle pads that offer state-of-the-art

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May News – Parkfield Rodeo

Best Ever Pads wishes a special Happy Mother's Day to all the Best Ever moms out there! Monthly Motivation: "Don't Call It a Dream. Call It a Plan." SPRING FEATURES! Serape Croc Leather SleekEZ® Saddle Pad Brush Best Ever USA

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Breaking In A New Saddle

How To Break In Your New Western Saddle Sooner or later, most riders need to buy a new saddle. Sometimes, it occurs simultaneously with the purchase of a horse; while other times, a new riding discipline may necessitate a specialty

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How To Clean A Western Saddle Pad

Because western saddle pads provide an important protective barrier between your horse's back and the saddle, they must be cleaned on a regular basis. A sweat- and hair-encrusted pad can lead to rubs, which could eventually turn into saddle sores.

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How to bet on horse racing

When you are starting out, placing an online bet on horse racing can seem complicated and even confusing. But with some basic information you can become an expert in no time. To start betting online, and its online university

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The US Triple Crown 2017

The US Triple Crown is one of the most coveted titles in horse racing. Find out about the 2017 Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes in this guide to the 2017 Triple Crown. The prestigious Triple Crown is one

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Back in the Saddle

"My name is Coby Webb and I'm a L-1 paraplegic rider! My horse Diva has helped me learn how to walk again using my Best Ever saddle pad that I bought in Las Vegas last Christmas! I got in a

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