October News – Best of 2018

A special shout out to our All-American owner, Ryan White! This Boss Hog likes to keep busy between running the company he founded, Best Ever Pads, coaching his local Best Ever Baseball Team, and of course winning ropings in his

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Finding The Best Farrier For Your Hard-Working Equine Athlete Performance horses often have very specific shoeing requirements. These equine athletes are asked to stop on a dime, make gravity-defying turns, and accelerate suddenly from a standstill. If not properly shod,

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Saddle Pads 101

Saddle Pads 101 If you've been around horses for any appreciable amount of time, you've probably noticed a variety of saddle pads being used by riders. Options include everything from simple Navajo blankets to custom saddle pads that offer state-of-the-art

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May News – Parkfield Rodeo

Best Ever Pads wishes a special Happy Mother's Day to all the Best Ever moms out there! Monthly Motivation: "Don't Call It a Dream. Call It a Plan." SPRING FEATURES! Serape Croc Leather SleekEZ® Saddle Pad Brush Best Ever USA

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