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Sponsorship Application

Here at Best Ever Pads, we have a deep dedication to the equine industry and those that share the same passion.

We love and appreciate our Best Ever supporters and the athletes that continue to strive to better themselves and the many worlds within the equine industry. Nothing is more inspiring than an individual that commits themselves to their fellow equine athletes and their sport.

What we look for in our team riders:

  • Professional behavior inside and out of the arena.
  • Healthy and happy equine athletes.
  • Dedication to their animals and sport.
  • Respect for the industry, themselves, and others.
  • Persistent pursuit of improving themselves and their skills.
  • Good sportsmanship.
  • Strong social media following (minimum 1500+ followers)
  • Bonus points if you already ride for the brand! #RideWithTheBest #BeYourBestEver

We appreciate you choosing Best Ever Pads as a potential sponsor and are happy to review your application. In order to begin the process, please complete the application below.

Please keep in mind that our application numbers are high, and our sponsorship department is getting to them as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience as we ensure that each application is given an equal review opportunity.

Tips For Applications

  • PLEASE, DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE TO ASK IF YOUR APPLICATION WAS RECEIVED. The office and social media are separate departments from the sponsorship department, and they will NOT be able to give you an update.
  • Make sure you have answered each and every question on the application to the best of your ability.
  • Make sure that your name, email address, and phone number are current and correct so that we may contact you if you are chosen.
  • Be honest with your answers. There’s a good chance we will contact your references!
  • Check for spelling errors before submitting your application.
  • Please do not submit application any more often than once every year.
  • Be patient!