Improve Your Performance

Improve Your Performance

Improve Your Performance

Having low quality tack and equipment can affect your horse’s performance. Give them (and yourself) the best opportunity for success by providing them with the highest quality materials and products, starting with a Best Ever saddle pad.

Ill-fitting equipment can cause irritation to your horse’s skin and mind. Pads that are made from a rougher material or have wear leathers or stitches that protrude and poke the horse hinder their performance by causing them discomfort. Best Ever Pads are made from a soft, thick wool material that adds an extra layer of protection to your horse’s back. Best Ever Pads

Our wear leathers prevent irritation by being made of a high grade leather that doesn’t irritate your horse’s skin. You also have the option to add a fleece lining to certain Best Ever Pads, adding an extra layer of cushion and protection.

Another additional benefit to making our pads out of wool is their ability to wick moisture. Tack causes added heat, and the goal is to allow your horse to sweat and cool itself naturally. Wool and fleece wicks moisture and keeps your horse cool even on hot summer days.

“To reduce heat and encourage evaporation, look for breathable fabrics such as wool. Wool fleece is a strong fiber and a soft cushion” – The Horse

Wool is a thick material, however, it is also flexible. Best Ever Pads are made of some of the highest quality materials available. The wool materials flex and mold to your horse’s back, allowing the weight of yourself and your saddle to be evenly distributed. Best Ever Pads

The tell-tale sign of an ill-fitting saddle pad is in the sweat. If there are dry spots on your horse’s back, it means that the pad isn’t sitting correctly. This can be remedied by analyzing your horse’s conformation to determine what pad is correct for them. Best Ever can help with our pad fitting guide, located here:

We know how important it is to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy, so treat them to the best with a Best Ever Pad.

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