Taking Care of Our Equipment

Taking care of our equipment is just as important any other aspect of our roping. One area often overlooked is the maintenance of our blankets and pads.

Over time sweat & hair build up and create hard areas that cause irritation and back soreness in our horses. To prevent this, I’ve found the “SleekEZ®” horse grooming tool works amazing for regularly cleaning hair off my Best Ever PadsThis is especially important in the spring when our horses are shedding. You can pick up a SleekEZ® from theBestEverPads.com web site under the Shop -> Team Gear link.

If you pads are very dirty, pick a time when the weather will be warm and sunny to wash them water. After removing as much hair and crusted dirt & sweat as possible first, hang the pad up and use a high pressure hose held at an angle and to rinse thoroughly from the inside to the outer edges of the pad. Then, hang the pad over a fence rail so it dries without losing its shape.

Our saddle pads are the interface between our saddles and weight, and serve the purpose of absorbing and distributing the pressure and stress that performing as a rope horse brings. When we take good care of our pads, they’ll be able to serve this purpose even better, so our horses can feel and perform their “best ever!”

Craig Smith Team Roping

Craig Smith Team Roping

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