Q&A with Pete Oen

Q&A with Pete Oen

Best Ever Pads team rider Pete Oen

We caught up with Best Ever Pads team rider Pete Oen in the midst of his busy futurity season. Read below to see what he says about how he got started, and why he rides with the Best Ever!

When and why did you start using Best Ever Pads?

I don’t recall the exact time it’s been so long ago. I started using them because I feel they allow my saddle to actually fit my horses back and my horses backs don’t get sore. And in top of that they are an attractive pad.

Have you seen any noticeable differences in your horses’ performance?

Best Ever Pads team rider Pete Oen

Photo via Amanda Glidden on Facebook

My horses seem to be wanting to win this year. I switched from the thinker pad to the thinner one this year. It could be a coincidence or it’s possibly making the difference.

How many horses do you have in your barn at any given time?

We are riding anywhere between 20-25 horses all the time.

When did you start riding horses? And how long after that did you start barrel racing? Who got you started?

I’ve been riding my entire life. I started barrel racing at a very young age, possibly 5. My sister Stacy wanted a horse first. Then we all wanted a horse.

Tell me about some of the obstacles that you’ve faced in the barrel racing world and how you overcome them.

I had to start the hard way. I had to overcome starting from the bottom and working my way up through the ranks one step at a time. Other obstacles are just simple defeat. You have to learn from them and work on getting better in order to win.

A fun fact about yourself.

I love what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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