Perform your “Best Ever”

Sometimes the name says it all, and that’s the case for Best Ever Saddle Pads.⁠

The Cadillac Kush pad in the 1” thickness provides Dot Com with the necessary protection and shock absorption it takes to keep his back pain free, even under the repetitive stress of being a high performance head horse.⁠

I’ve been using a Best Ever pad (with no Navajo blanket) for years now, but this photo was taken the first day I used a new Best Ever Cadillac Kush in competition, and it’s no coincidence that my horse could perform his “best ever” as well – resulting in a second place win and a nice stack of cash.⁠

⁠I’m grateful for such a high quality product, from a company who knows the needs of team ropers, and provides unparalleled customer service.⁠

⁠@Best Ever Pads play a huge part in helping my horses and I perform our “best ever” and they can do the same for you & yours.⁠👍🏼

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