Choosing Wear Leathers

Choosing Wear Leathers

Best Ever Pads choosing wear leathers for custom western saddle pad

When you’re browsing the many wear leather options on the Best Ever Pads pad creator, how do you know which ones to choose? There’s animal print, hide, smooth… but which ones are right for your horse?

If you’re anything like me, you choose your color palette based on your horse’s coat color. My mare and I LOVE turquoise. First, because it’s my favorite color. Second, because it looks absolutely stunning against her dark brown hair.

A bay horse is quite easy to match, because they look great in anything (based on my personal experience). So for me, there are plenty of wear leathers when creating my custom pad!

However, what do you do if your horse is a little harder to match? Below, you’ll find a handy breakdown of which wear leathers to choose based on your horse’s coat color!


As I said before, a bay looks good in almost anything. However, in order to make them really pop, choose a bright color like pink or turquoise! For a more understated look, opt for a solid black pad to match their black points.

Wear leather recommendations: Anything your heart desires!


Hides look great on a sorrel horse, and you can combine them with custom text or your logo for a personal touch. Other colors that work well with a sorrel or chestnut horse include; black, brown and grey.

Wear leather recommendations: Brindle, Red Speckle, Brown Speckle, Red Paint, Black Crocodile, Brown Smooth, Graphite ElephantChoosing wear leathers for your Best Ever Pad


Dark horses can get away with snazzy prints because they truly stand out. Try a wild leopard print or a bright crocodile!

Wear leather recommendations: Leopard, Pink Crocodile, Orange Crocodile, Beige Crocodile


The most stunning colors for a dun or buckskin are purple and turquoise. The color really stands out, and looks great on the horse!

Wear leather recommendations: Aqua Crocodile, Purple Crocodile, Turquoise Elephant, Turquoise Smooth


A floral wear leather looks great on any color, but they tend to really stand out on the palomino. Other colors that stand out include dark blue and a deep purple.

Wear leather recommendations: Blue Crocodile, Purple Crocodile, Lime Floral, Turquoise Floral, Cranberry Floral


Red pops like a bright shade of lipstick on a grey. The color contrasts with their coat, and provides a rich color combination.

Wear leather recommendations: Red Crocodile, Red Elephant, Red Smooth

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