Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

Back in the saddle - riding after an accident

“My name is Coby Webb and I’m a L-1 paraplegic rider! My horse Diva has helped me learn how to walk again using my Best Ever saddle pad that I bought in Las Vegas last Christmas! I got in a near fatal car accident with my kids whiling pulling a horse trailer (See pic below). I was airlifted and the kids had minor injuries after we hit black ice.

I use to be a mounted patrol police officer with Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept in Southern Calif. After the accident, I started Gymkhana to learn how to walk again (Hippotherapy). My horse, Diva, saved me and gave me the strength to learn to ride again and not give up.

We buckled last year with a third place and this year, we are running between 1st and 2nd. I use a seat belt and legs straps to compete, but I’m now able to move my legs. I am still partially paralyzed in both legs, but am improving. I made it back to work in law enforcement, but believe the horses made the difference!

I can’t thank you enough for my saddle pad and being part of this journey! I just wanted to let you know how appreciated I am!!! I am hoping to make it to State finals and show anyone can overcome with the help of a horse and good tack!!!

One more thing, my daughter is Banning Stagecoach Rodeo Queen in Southern California and uses her Best Ever saddle pad too!!! You guys rock!”

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