10 Most Popular

10 Most Popular

10 Most Popular

At Best Ever, we see a lot of different pads sent out to happy customers. Some are simple, and some are extravagant. However, there are a few recurring themes. Today, I’m laying out the 10 most popular elements of Best Ever Pads. Whether it be wear leathers or logos, these are the highest demanded!

1. Leopard Cowhide

Stand apart from the crowd with the leopard wear leathers. Beautiful on a buckskin or dun horse, the leopard leathers let you take a walk on the wild side.

Best Ever Pads OG Pad with Leopard Cowhide, Gold Crown Patch and Turquoise Crystals/Spots

Best Ever Pads OG Pad with Leopard Cowhide, Gold Crown Patch and Turquoise Crystals/Spots

2. Crown Patch

Sport the Best Ever crown patch on your pad to feel like a part of the royal family. Offered in a variety of colors including; pink, red, neon green, gold and turquoise.

3. Custom Brands

We know how important it is to represent your brand, so we offer you the option! Simply upload an image of your brand and select your thread color. It’s that easy!

4. Black Smooth Wear Leathers

Best Ever Pads Fringe Saddle Pad

Best Ever Pads, OG Pad with Speckled Cowhide, Pink Cross, Buckstitching and Fringe

Add some class and sophistication to your next Best Ever with smooth black wear leathers. Bright thread colors really POP on top of a dark pad.

5. Cross Stock Design

Religious or not, the cross design adds a little personal touch to your fully custom pad. Further personalize it with your second favorite wear leather, even available in metallic pink!

6. Buckstitching

Everyone loves buckstitch, so why not add it to your Best Ever pad? Comes in a variety of colors, and can add another dimension to your custom pad.

Best Ever Pads Corner Wear Leather Cheetah Cowhide

Best Ever Pads Leopard Corner with Turquoise Text and Crystals/Spots

7. Crystals/Spots

Add a little BLING to your Best Ever with your choice of crystals and spots! Choose your colors and boom, you’ve got a blinged out ride.

8. Speckled Cowhide

I know we all can appreciate a good cowhide, and the speckled cowhide selection at Best Ever is something else! Top quality leathers in beautiful colors, what more could you ask for?

9. Custom Text

Add your initials to your pad so everyone will know its yours! A completely personal touch, and the perfect way to personalize a gift!

10. Fringe

My personal favorite, FRINGE! Pick your color and run with it. Don’t be afraid to go a little over the top!

Create your own custom saddle pad today!

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