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Aaron Macy

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Angie Meadors

Rides a 1″ Kush Wool Saddle Pad

I love my custom Best Ever Pads!

Andy Holcomb

Rides a 1.25" Kush Pad

Fit and function, I use them every day and they hold up to every day abuse.

Austin Shirley

Rides a

They fit my horses better than any pad I've ever tried and they last for years.

Blake Teixeira

Rides a 1" OG Wool Saddle Pad

I will always use Best Ever Pads because they are tough and keep my horses from getting sore.

Bret Beach

Rides a 1" Kush Wool Saddle Pad

I’ve never had a pad fit a horse’s back like this. They’re like a glove.

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Customized Wool Western Saddle Pads

When you’re looking for the best ever saddle pads, come to The Best Ever Pads. We combine the precision of customization with an intimate understanding of the Western riding world. Creating the best saddle pad is a journey that begins with the rider and his or her equine partner. Each pad is lovingly crafted with only the finest of available materials, including top-grade wool and supple leather to best fit the pleasure or other rodeo needs.

The handmade construction helps to create the "best ever custom saddle pads" each and every time. The denser pad increases comfort, while simultaneously adding compression protection for your horse. In fact, the 100 percent wool pads are not only breathable, but they work diligently to remove moisture and keep your horse's back from overheating during competition.

Custom Build Your Next Saddle Pad

Best Ever Pads proudly offers different sizes of saddle pads that can be altered to fit your unique needs. Our handmade, 100 percent high-quality wool pads are made to order and crafted in the United States. From our smallest pony pad to our large Western saddle pad, we offer a wide selection of customizable pads to best fit every type of equine partner. Broad shoulders? Short back? Wide barrel? No matter the conformation of your horse, we can help you create a competition-ready saddle pad that will provide the comfort, protection and correct saddle fit needed to help you and your horse perform your best.

Creating our best ever custom saddle pads is a rewarding journey for Western riders and their steeds. Whether you choose the best saddle pad from The OG Collection, The Kush Collection, The CEO Collection, The Fleesar Series, The BHS Series or The Cadillac Series, you will receive a beautifully constructed Western saddle pad. With decades of experience on our side, we lovingly create a two-piece contour saddle pad design that delivers a comfortable fit, eliminates pressure along your horse's spine and withers, allows the shoulders to move freely, and reduces saddle movement.

Once you have chosen your saddle pad, we invite you to customize it to your heart's content. Choose from five wool blends. Decide which of the 40 top-quality leather options is best suited for your performance needs. Add your barn colors, sponsor logos and preferred embroidery designs. Additional customization features include: wool color, pad size, pad thickness, wear leathers, buckstitching border; as well as custom brand, text or image.

Contact Best Ever Pads Today

To learn more about creating the best ever custom saddle pads for your horses, contact a member of our team today! We are happy to guide you through the customization process, so that you and your horse can go for the blue!