At Best Ever Pads, we take immense pride in the fact that our pads are made 100% in the USA. Innovated and hand-made by professionals that pride themselves in their work, you can be sure you are getting a top quality product when you order a Best Ever Pad. Each pad is made from only the finest materials available, and come in a variety of options to suit your horse’s individual needs. Best Ever Pads not only look great, they function like a top quality product should.

Each of our pads are made from 100% wool that is designed to absorb moisture and assist in heat removal. Our pads offer the greatest compression protection on the market, and are specially engineered to aid in reducing spinal pressure, and prevent over-cinching. No matter what discipline you compete in, Best Ever Pads is the go-to pad for serious competitors.

The OG Collection

Our OG Collection has been the core of our company since 2002.  Our top quality 100% needle-punched wool pad is 112 ounces per square yard, making it firm and durable while remaining extremely breathable.

The Kush Collection

The Kush Collection is our finest pad to date.  Made of 100% high-quality washed and pressed wool, and is extremely durable and resistant at 137 ounces of wool per square yard.  It’s high density makes it highly resistant to compression, while remaining soft and flexible.

The CEO Collection

Introduced in 2010, the CEO Collection was specially engineered to add more shock absorption for your horse’s comfort. The Collection is comprised of three of our top pads including the Fleesar, BHS Series, and Cadillac Series.
These soft, durable pads require little to no break-in time. Our 100% Wool pads are excellent at absorbing moisture, and wicking it away to assist in heat removal. Wool pads offer the greatest compression protection.  The denser the pad, the less it will compress under pressure.  The high-quality breathable materials allow it to be used alone, or with a Navajo.

Our pads are specially designed with your horse’s comfort and protection in mind. Cutouts over the withers allow better wither clearance and reduced spinal pressure. Additionally, wear leathers are made of top-grade 4.5 ounce pure leather to increase durability as well as spine reinforcement. Our pads are also specially shaped and cut to allow the cinch to naturally mold around the horse’s girth area, allowing for closer contact for the rider’s legs.  The two-piece contour design allows for a comfortable fit that helps to eliminate pressure along the horse’s spine, as well as preventing over-cinching and saddle movement.

Each of our pads is 100% handmade in the USA and made to order with top quality materials. You have the options to build your pad from the ground up, starting with your choice of our several wool options. We offer pad lining options, dozens of wear leather options, stock designs, custom branding and initialing and more. Literally, the sky is the limit when customizing your Best Ever Pad.

Why Choose Us

  • We use only the highest quality, top-rated material for our pads
  • Our pads are 100% handmade to order, right here in the USA
  • All of our pads are fully customizable to your exact specifications
  • Our pads offer the best protection, fit, and support available for your horse’s back
  • Best Ever Pads are without a doubt the highest quality, best-looking saddle pads on the Western Market

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