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About Best Ever Pads

Best Ever Pads is located just 10 miles west of enviable San Luis Obispo in Los Osos, California, one of the most serene communities on the Central Coast. The pristine location and enchanting elements of this Central California town are both primary ingredients to the success and creativity found in Best Ever Pads. While the Central Coast is not exorbitantly famous for having strong rodeo roots, Ryan and Tammy White, the owners, have been able to blend their diverse passions and attachment to such a fabulous location with their thriving rodeo-related business that has reached rodeo athletes across America and internationally, and that continues to gain popularity among a very broad breadth of western enthusiasts.

Best Ever Pads are a proud American product, designed and made by people who pride themselves in their work. We utilize our creative expertise in order to provide an original, unique product that is on the cutting edge. Designed with insight and made with care, results in a top quality product.

“It is our mission at Best Ever Pads to use our 30-plus years of experience to continue producing the highest quality, best-looking saddle pads on the western market. It is also our goal to have the best customer service and public relations in the industry. It’s hard to believe that we have been making pads for over 11 years now. We are looking forward to making new acquaintances and continuing our relationships with current friends and customers. We hope to see you at a show, ranch or arena near you.” Ryan and Tammy White, Founders of Best Ever Pads

The Best Ever Choice

Whether you spend your time barrel racing, team roping, trail riding, team penning, cutting, reining, starting colts or training performance horses, Best Ever Pads has a custom 100% wool saddle pad to fit every horse and riders’ needs! As experienced rodeo athletes themselves, Best Ever Pad’s owners have been dedicated to creating and innovating the highest quality and best-looking saddle pad available to the rodeo and western world, offering the unique options of customization and personal assistance in fitting the correct saddle pad to each working horse and rider.

These handsome western saddle pads are:

  • Hand-crafted in Los Osos, California
  • From top grade wool and leather
  • Offering over 70 different top grade leather options for customization
  • With five different pad collections for you to choose from, offering the best saddle pad fit for any horse.

At Best Ever Pads, our top quality saddle pads are crafted primarily with the interest of maximizing a horse’s potential through premier equine stewardship. It is important to us that each equine athlete is offered the highest level of protection and comfort available, and we have taken pride in delivering that product to our customers since the Best Ever Pads’ founding in 2002.

The Best Ever Fit For Your Horse

Our saddle pads begin with the most important basics: top quality 100% wool and top grade wear leathers. Each saddle pad offers our unique two-piece contour design, specifically cut to allow the cinch to mold naturally around the horse’s girth, allowing for closer contact for the rider’s legs. Our saddle pad design also features a cutout over the withers, providing better wither clearance beneath the tree of the western saddle while reducing the amount of pressure put on the spine by saddle and rider. In addition, the shape and material of our saddle pads helps prevent over-cinching and saddle movement, allowing for a greater range of motion to increase your horse’s overall performance.

Best Ever Pads Wool Saddle Pad

Different Sizes of Saddle

We offer several different sizes of saddle pads to suit you and your horse’s specific needs, each in a variety of thicknesses with options to build up or line the saddle pad:

  • 25×25 Pony Saddle Pad
  • 28×28 Small Barrel Saddle Pad
  • 30×30 Standard Saddle Pad
  • 32×32 Large Roper Saddle Pad
  • Custom Size Saddle Pads available for the OG and Kush Collections

If you don’t see the size you need, we are happy to work with you to create a custom cut pad to suit your needs. In today’s western industry, saddle pads are offered in a variety of materials, ranging from synthetic fibers to gels to open and closed cell foams, but here at Best Ever Pads, we offer the long-standing first choice of rodeo professionals and athletes alike, wool, for the base of our saddle pads.

Wool: The Best Ever Material

Wool is not only an all-natural choice, but it also out-performs all synthetic materials by offering superior moisture-wicking qualities and providing your horse protection from pressure while under saddle.

Wool follicles boast a complex cellular structure made up of a hydrophobic (water-hating) outer core, and a hydrophilic (water-loving) inner core, meaning our 100% wool saddle pads are excellent at wicking sweat from the horse’s skin and coat and repelling it to the outer edge and surface of the pad. The hydrophobic outer core prevents our pads from soaking up sweat, allowing for temperature regulation and heat removal.

In addition to its moisture wicking and heat regulation qualities, wool also endures repeated pressure better than its synthetic competitors, making it the perfect base for the hardworking western rider. Wool fibers contain crimp, which gives wool its ability to breathe while resisting compression. Because it is a natural fiber, wool materials do not break down quickly like synthetic materials do when exposed to the heat, pressure, and sweat salts of heavy use.

The OG and Kush Collections

Our OG and Kush wool options offer the greatest compression protection, and are also soft and durable, requiring little to no break-in time. The denser the pad, the less it will compress over time under the pressure of the saddle. Wool felt also meshes with the natural direction of the horse’s hair, reducing saddle slippage and increasing the comfort of the horse.

In addition to these two pads, Best Ever Pads offers build up saddle pads that help with shock absorption and comfort in our CEO collection, which we specially designed in 2010 for barrel racers, team ropers, calf ropers, senior, high-withered horses, sway back horses, and poor saddle fit.

The Fleesar Series

The Fleesar Series, part of the CEO Collection, saddle pads add a fleece lining to create an especially soft feel for added comfort, with more shock absorption, and even better moisture-wicking ability. The Fleesar is a great option if your current saddle pad is rubbing your horse.

The BHS Series

Also a part of the CEO Collection, The BHS Series adds a 3/8” closed-cell foam insert to help distribute saddle pressure throughout the bars of the saddle, and reduce breakdown of the pad over the bars. This pad is great for high-withered horses or poor saddle fit.

The Cadillac Series

The Cadillac Series is our deluxe saddle pad. With a 3/8” closed-cell foam insert throughout the bars of the saddle, as well as an additional 1/4” closed-cell foam insert over the shoulders, it offers maximum support and protection for extremely high withered horses. Its unique design helps prevent the pad from collapsing in the area behind the shoulders, offering extra support. Any of our saddle pads can be customized additionally with a neoprene or fleece lining to further fit your horse’s comfort needs.

The Best Ever Customization

Every Best Ever Saddle Pad is 100% customizable and made to order, right here in the USA! With over 60 varieties of wear leathers, you can pick your favorite color, hair-on hide, or pattern of leather! Each saddle pad is fully customizable to your exact specifications. We offer custom embroidery, stock designs cutouts, acrylic crystals, metal spots, buck stitch, and fringe as options, as well as custom tooled and screen printed wear leathers!

Have a horse that’s hard to fit?

We are happy to provide free pad consultations if you send us pictures of your horse’s back both saddled AND unsaddled. Great customer service is our top priority, and we are always happy to help you in ordering the perfect saddle pad to fit both you and your horse’s needs.

Best Ever Pads are without a doubt the highest quality, best looking saddle pads on the western market. Get yours today, and BE YOUR BEST EVER and RIDE WITH BEST!

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