Best Ever Custom Western Saddles

All of Best Ever Custom Saddles are built using the finest of materials by Scott Thomas Saddlery. He uses Hermann Oak Leather tanned in the USA, stainless steel hardware, and saddle trees that he’s modified over the years, which he feels offer the best fit and function. His saddle trees come with a 10-year warranty. He also offers some upgraded saddle trees with a lifetime warranty. All of his saddle trees have been tested, ridden, and modified to ensure that his fit is the best available. His saddles are handmade, hand cut, hand tooled, and hand finished to produce a true custom handmade saddle.

6 ½” quarter horse bars:  horse with narrower withers.  Example would be an Arabian bred or thoroughbred with more of a wither to them than your quarter horse breeds.

6 ¾” gullet full quarter horse bars:  fits a wide variety of your standard horses today.  It’s not too wide.

7” gullet full quarter horse bars:  fits your mutton withered or round backed horses that have barely any rise in their withers.

All saddles are made to order.
Production time is approximately 4-5 months.