How long does a custom saddle pad take?

·       Orders with simple leathers or custom embroidery take about 1-2 weeks

·       Orders with buck stitch or fringe take about 2-3 weeks

·       Orders for awards with 7+ pads take about 4-6 weeks – Check out some award samples: https://www.besteverpads.com/product-category/award-pads/

·       Orders with Custom Hand Tooling or Desert Rose Equine Leathers take about 10-12 weeks

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship these orders via USPS (United States Postal Service). Orders sent to addresses outside the continental United States are charged higher shipping costs, but we are happy to work with you to ship your new Best Ever Custom Saddle Pad out of the United States.

Are your pads made in America?

Best Ever Pads are a proud American product, designed and made by people who pride themselves in their work. Each pad is 100% hand made in the USA and made to order, that includes top grade 4.5-ounce wear leathers and spine reinforcement. We utilize our creative expertise to provide an original, unique product that is on the cutting edge. Designed with insight and made with care, results in a top-quality product.

Why should I choose a wool saddle pad?

100% wool material has been used for saddle pads and blankets for centuries for a reason… IT WORKS! A hundred and twenty years ago almost all clothing was made of wool. Why is that? Because it breathes. No matter the weather conditions, it breathes and either keeps heat in for warmth or holds sweat in to help cool you down. The saddle pads and blankets made out of wool work the same way. As a horse sweats, the wool fibers wick this moisture to the surface to be cooled by the air which in turn cools your horse’s back.

Another advantage to wool is that it can be cleaned. Wool is easy to clean and air dried for use again and again. This cleaning restores the breathing attributes of the saddle pad and allows it to function the way it should.Wool pads offer the greatest comfort and compression protection for your horse. The denser the pad, the less it will compress under pressure, thus giving your horse a comfortable, enjoyable experience and allowing him to do his job to the best of his ability.

Wool is not only an all-natural choice, but it also out-performs all synthetic materials by offering superior moisture-wicking qualities and providing your horse protection from pressure while under saddle.

In addition to its moisture wicking and heat regulation qualities, wool also endures repeated pressure better than its synthetic competitors, making it the perfect base for the hardworking western rider. Wool fibers contain crimp, which gives wool its ability to breathe while resisting compression. Because it is a natural fiber, wool materials do not break down quickly like synthetic materials do when exposed to the heat, pressure, and sweat salts of heavy use.

Each Best Ever Pad is made from a wool foundation, making them durable and requiring little to no break-in time. The 100% wool pads are excellent at absorbing moisture, and wicking it away from the horse’s back to assist in heat removal.

The high quality breathable materials allow it to be used alone or with a Navajo.

Saddle Pad Shape




Pad Shape – Best Ever Pads are specifically cut to allow the cinch to mold naturally around the horse’s girth area, allowing for closer contact for the rider’s legs.





Regular Gullet – Provides wither clearance and reduced spinal pressure for average withers to round back/mutton withers

Open Gullet – Eliminates pressure on high wither horses with broad shoulders

Closed Gullet – Continues the contour up and over the withers for higher withered horses

What’s the difference between the OG Wool & Kush Wool?

Our OG and Kush wool options offer the greatest compression protection, and are also soft and durable, requiring little to no break-in time. The denser the pad, the less it will compress over time under the pressure of the saddle. Wool also meshes with the natural direction of the horse’s hair, reducing saddle slippage and increasing the comfort of the horse.
·       The OG Collection

Our OG Collection has been the core of the company since 2002. This top quality 100% needle-punched F11 grade wool pad is 112 ounces per square yard, making it firm, durable and breathable. This pad is dark gray in color, and comes in either 3/4″ or 1″ thicknesses, to best suit your needs.

Needle punched refers to wool that is made by vertically needling fibers together to achieve a desired thickness and density. When viewing a cross-section of needled punched, the fibers lay vertically, as opposed to pressed felt, where the fibers lay horizontally.
·       The Kush Collection

The Kush Collection is made from 100% high-quality, F11 grade washed and pressed wool that is 136 ounces per square yard. It is durable and resistant to compression, yet soft and flexible. Properties of this pad allow it to absorb moisture, which aides in removing heat from the horse’s back. This pad is light gray in color, and comes in 1.25″, 1″ or 3/4″ thickness options.

Pressed wool is made via an intricate process often referred to as “wet processing”. Fibers are worked together by pressure, moisture, and vibration, then carded and cross-lapped to make multiple layers of material. The ultimate thickness and density of the material determines the number of layers that are then steamed, wetted, pressed and hardened.

There appears to be hay or stuff in my pad. What is this?

On the OG Wool since it’s needle punched. This is from the natural fibers and plant material that was in the wool of the sheep when it was sheared, as it does not go through cleaning process before it is made into our custom saddle pads. If that’s bothersome our Kush Wool is washed pressed and will not have this.

What if I need more support or help with poor saddle fit?

In addition to these two pads, Best Ever Pads offers build up saddle pads specially engineered to add more shock absorption for your horse’s comfort in our CEO collection, which we specially designed in 2010 for barrel racers, team ropers, calf ropers, senior, high-withered horses, sway back horses, and poor saddle fit. The CEO Collection is comprised of a series of three different saddle pads, all created to serve a specific purpose. Each CEO pad will have a wool foundation of either our OG or Kush collection. Any of our CEO saddle pads can be customized additionally with a neoprene or fleece lining to further fit your horse’s comfort needs.

  • The Fleesar Series

The Fleesar Series, part of the CEO Collection, saddle pads add a fleece lining to create an especially soft feel for added comfort, with more shock absorption, and even better moisture-wicking ability. The Fleesar is a great option if your current pad is rubbing your horse, or if your horse has thin or sensitive skin. It is fully customizable.

  • The BHS Series

The BHS Series adds a 3/8″ closed-cell foam insert to help distribute saddle pressure over the bars of the saddle, and reduce the breakdown of the pad over the bars. This pad is great for high withered horses and poor saddle fit. This layered design is great for an everyday work pad and is designed for lasting wear. Pair it with a 1″ or 3/4″ wool base pad for a great all day cowboying pad, or try it paired with a 1/2″ felt for what we like to call our “1D Lite,” designed with the barrel racer in mind.

  • The Cadillac Series

The Cadillac Series adds a 3/8″ closed-cell foam inserts throughout the bars of the saddle, and an additional 1/4″ closed-cell foam insert placed strategically over the shoulders. It helps prevent the pad from collapsing in the area behind the shoulders by offering extra support. A great pad for team ropers, calf ropers, steer ropers and performance horses. Also recommended for senior and extremely high withered horses.

The Cadillac pad also has an option for shoulders inserts only that can help to level out a saddle that tends to fall forward. Shoulder inserts are available in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 5/8″ thicknesses.

·       Fleece Lining // Creates an especially soft feel for added comfort, with more shock absorption, and even better moisture wicking ability.

·       Neoprene Lining // Shock absorbing as well as being anti-fungal and antibacterial, it won’t absorb sweat, and is easy to clean. *We do not recommend this feature if you are unfamiliar with it, as it is not a very breathable option. *

How do I decide which saddle pad to buy?

The saddle pad you purchase depends on your discipline, the size of your saddle/horse, and your horse’s back shape. Here at Best Ever Custom Saddle Pads, we offer many different pad options to fit you and your horse’s needs. We offer our OG, Kush, and CEO collections in a variety of sizes and thicknesses with options to line the saddle pad with fleece or neoprene, as well as options to build the pad up to protect high withered horses or aging horses.

My horse has pockets behind his withers OR my horse is sway backed. Are there saddle pads that will help solve my saddle fit problems?

Here at Best Ever Saddle Pads, we have several customization options for horses with high withers, sway backs, or pockets behind their withers. Visit our Saddle Pad Fitting Guide on our website to read which saddle pads will help fit your horse’s specialized needs and ensure a more comfortable and healthy working horse. You can also send us side pictures of your horse saddled AND unsaddled for a free saddle pad consultation. 805-234-5836 (text) or Email.

Do you offer personal saddle pad fitting and assistance with fitting?

We are happy to provide free pad consultations if you send us pictures of your horse’s back both saddled AND unsaddled. Great customer service is our top priority, and we are always happy to help you in ordering the perfect saddle pad to fit both you and your horse’s needs. At Best Ever Custom Saddle Pads, we are committed to getting you and your horse the correct-fitting saddle pad. To help you accomplish this, we have a Saddle Pad Fitting Guide for your convenience on our website or you can send us side pictures of your horse saddled AND unsaddled for a free saddle pad consultation to 805-234-5836 (text) or Email.

How does your pad maximize comfort and protection?

Our handsome western saddle pads are specifically designed with your horse’s comfort and protection in mind. With that in mind, each pad is shaped into a two-piece contour design that allows for a comfortable fit, helping to eliminate pressure and discomfort along the horse’s spine, as well as helping to prevent over-cinching and saddle movement. Our pads are specifically cut to allow the cinch to mold naturally around the horse’s girth allowing for closer contact for the rider’s legs. In addition, a specially designed wither cutout over the withers allow for better clearance and reduced spinal pressure. Pads are also available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs, and are made using only the finest wool and leather products.

What thickness and pad collection do you recommend for my type of riding/event?

·       1″ OG Wool Pad
All around work and play pad for normal to high withered horses. Recommended for barrel racers, team ropers, trail riders, team penners, cutters, reiners, colt starters, and performance horses.

·       3/4″ OG Wool Pad
Designed for round back horses. Recommended for barrel racers, trailer riders, team penners, cutters, and reiners.

·       1.25″ Kush Wool Pad
Protection and compression prevention at its finest. Highly recommended for team ropers, and horses with high withers that need extra protection.

·       1″ Kush Wool Pad
This is a great all-around pad. Solid, durable protection for any level of performance horse. Recommended for team ropers, cutters, reiners, and performance horses.

·       3/4″ Kush Wool Pad
Great lightweight pad, without sacrificing protection or comfort. Recommended for barrel racers, trailer riders, and team penners.

What size saddle pads do you offer?

We offer several different sizes of saddle pads to suit you and your horse’s specific needs, each in a variety of thicknesses with options to build up or line the saddle pad:

  • 25×25 Pony Saddle Pad
  • 28×28 Small Barrel Saddle Pad
  • 30×30 Standard Saddle Pad
  • 32×32 Large Roper Saddle Pad
  • Custom Size Saddle Pads available for the OG and Kush Collections

If you don’t see the size you need, we are happy to work with you to create a custom cut pad to suit your needs. In today’s western industry, saddle pads are offered in a variety of materials, ranging from synthetic fibers to gels to open and closed cell foams, but here at Best Ever Pads, we offer the long-standing first choice of rodeo professionals and athletes alike, wool, for the base of our saddle pads.

I have a saddle that has an 18-inch seat. Do you make a pad bigger than 32?

Our 32×32 Large is the biggest pad we make available online, BUT if you need a larger saddle pad or custom sized saddle pad, please contact us and we would be happy to work with you to build a custom size that fits your needs. We do offer custom cuts for our OG and Kush Collection by request.

What customizing options are available?

Customization is perhaps the most exciting and unique feature of our pads. Each handmade pad is fully customizable, with a variety of options to choose from.

1.     Wool Foundation

Starting with a wool foundation, there are five different saddle pad styles to choose from, each meant to serve a specific need.

2.     Top Quality Leather Options

Next, top quality 4.5-ounce wear leather is available in over 40 different options, to give your pad a unique look to set you apart from the crowd.

3.     Personalization

Want to make your pad personal? No problem! Best Ever Pads take customization to a whole new level with stock design cutouts, as well as custom brand embroidery, initial/name embroidery, custom printed and custom hand tooled options.

4.     Finishes

Finish your design off with one of our unique border options including fringe, buck-stitching, crystals, or metal spots.

Best Ever Pads are without a doubt the highest quality, best looking saddle pads on the western market. Get yours today, and BE YOUR BEST EVER and RIDE WITH BEST!

Can I buy my pad directly from the manufacturer or do I have to purchase it through a dealer?

Whichever you prefer! Check out our dealer locator to find a dealer near you, or you can purchase a pad directly from Best Ever Custom Saddle Pads by going to our website and using our “Build Your Pad” Feature to completely customize your new saddle pad to your exact vision! We are more than happy to assist you over the phone if you are unsure of your needs or are having site troubles. You can also purchase your pad online or at a trade show from us or one of our many dealers.

How do I clean my saddle pad?
Learn more about how to clean a saddle pad.



How long will my new saddle pad last?

Saddle Pads and blankets do not last forever. Depending on your riding activity/discipline, a saddle pad’s life span may only be a few years. A day working cowboy who rides all day everyday may only have a saddle pad last for a year, this is the cost of doing business. A weekend warrior may make a saddle pad last two to three years plus. We’ve had clients with pads that last upwards of 10+ years.

As saddle pads get used more and more the wool fibers break down and in the bar areas they can become packed and thin. The edges of the saddle pad may appear thick and plush but where the bars of the saddle sit, it is too packed down and hard to offer any support. At this time we call that saddle pad making it to the “backup stage.” This saddle pad now needs to be replaced with a new one and you can put this older saddle pad up as a backup in case you get caught in the rain and need a dry saddle pad one day.

A good quality wool saddle pad will run you around $200 and factored out over the lifespan of 2 years for the majority of us weekend warriors, that’s around $8 per month. If you’re riding your “money making” horse aren’t they worth the investment to maximize their comfort?

Do your saddle pads come with guarantees?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase at Best Ever Custom Saddle Pads. Customers, with receipt, have 30 days to return items for a full refund minus shipping costs. We do not issue refunds on customized logos or brand names, therefore, make sure you have the correct information submitted before ordering. Customers with no receipt may exchange unused items for other merchandise of equal or lesser value.

Is your pad not fitting your horse?

Customers, with receipt, have 90 days to return their used pad for another pad collection of equal or lesser value. If you are not sure on the fit please take advantage of our free saddle pad consultation, where we help you decide on the best fit for you and your horse. Send side pictures of your horse saddled AND unsaddled to 805-234-5836 (text) or [email protected]

I think I got the wrong size pad. Can I exchange it?

If you purchased a saddle pad that is the wrong size for your horse, we would be more than happy to exchange your unused pad for an item of equal or lesser value. You can also use our pad consultation to determine which size pad is best for your horse before you order a saddle pad. To determine the best size, measure the length of your saddle and add 2 to 3 inches to that length. We are here to answer any questions you may have about fitting your horse to the correct pad.

My pad slides under my saddle. How can I fix this?

If your pad is sliding out from under your saddle, typically it means that your saddle does not fit correctly, or that you are saddling too far forward on the horse’s withers OR too far back. If you do not believe you are making these errors, feel free to call us at (805) 528-8009 or Email Us, as you may need a CEO collection pad with a foam cell buildup to combat high withers or other fit issues.

I have a short-backed horse and my pad is rubbing on his hips. Is this a problem?

You should consider a smaller size saddle pad. Best Ever Custom Saddle pads are flexible and soft, and shouldn’t interfere with your horse’s comfort.

My horse seems to be getting rub marks over his loins after his winter coat set on. Is this a problem?

If you notice that your horse is getting rub marks over his loins when his winter coat sets on, you should not be concerned, as it does not mean that your pad is rubbing a sore. When a horse grows their winter coat, the longer hair is older and more brittle than its short summer coat, and it is easier for the longer hair to get caught in the wool fibers of the pad and break off. You should only be concerned if you palpate the area and your horse is sore. Baby powder can be used under the pressure points of the saddle and pad to lubricate the hair shaft and prevent breakage.

My saddle comes right to the edge of my pad in the back. Is this a problem?

If your saddle comes right to the edge of your pad in the back behind the seat, it is not a concern UNLESS the saddle is rubbing on the horse’s hide. If you can position the pad correctly under the saddle, and the pad is keeping the saddle from touching the hide, it should not be a concern that the saddle and skirt are the same length. If you are still concerned that your pad is possibly the wrong size for your saddle, you can consult our fit guide or contact us with any questions.

Other Common Problems

  • Dry spots on horses back: https://youtu.be/V7s5jNUiAgU
  • White hairs on horses back
  • Gaulding/rubbing
  • Saddle tends to roll
  • Horse experiences muscle soreness
  • Horse quitting under pressure

You may have experienced at least one of these at some point. Seeing these does not mean it is definitely the saddle pad. Sometimes it can be the saddle fit or other issues.

Saddle pads are cheap in the scope of the issue and can be changed out easier than changing saddles or costly vet bills. This does not mean that padding can fix an ill fitting saddle, if the saddle fits poorly enough then there is nothing that a pad can do.

Despite everything on your website, I’m still having problems. Can you help me?

If you are having any trouble with our website, be it ordering or just general questions about our products or customization, we are always here to help you! You can send us an email at Email Us, or call us at (805) 528-8009 and we will do our Best Ever to help you.

What is the return policy for Best Ever Saddle Pads?

Customers, with receipt, have 30 days to return items for a full refund minus shipping costs. We do not issue refunds on customized logos or brand names, therefore, make sure you have the correct information submitted before ordering. Customers with no receipt may exchange unused items for other merchandise of equal or lesser value.

I want to return my pad. How can I do this?

You can mail your pad back to Best Ever Custom Saddle Pads with an invoice or note explaining your reasons for return, or email us before shipping your pad to us to confirm the return.

Please mail returns to:
Best Ever Pads
2445 Paradise Lane
Los Osos, CA 93402