In The Loop with Lacey Maddalena Episode 2 with Spencer Mitchell

“This week, we caught up with 2X NFR qualifier, Spencer Mitchell!

In this episode, Spencer talks about the high points in his roping career, as well as his low points. He talks about being a new dad and the decision (that really wasn’t a decision at all) to name his son after his best friend and partner, Brock Cresta. We also discuss horse power and what he does when he’s not on the road!

Oh…and I’m sure you all have been waiting patiently to hear who won the GORGEOUS Outlaw Saddles and Silver pocket knife! Well, your wait is over! Tune in to this episode to find out if YOU were the big winner!!”







Best Ever Team Rider Highlights
We’d like to welcome Brady and Riley Minor to the Best Ever team. The brothers are currently 8th in the world standings.
Belle Fourche, SD Rodeo was good to our team ropers. Winning first was team rider Dustin Egusquiza where he pocketed $5329. Second went to Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp winning $4488 a man.
Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp continue to top the world standings winning Nephi, Utah and earning $1724. The pair then split the win in Deadwood, SD. Earning another $2961 each.
Dustin Egusquiza earned his way up to #1 in the world. Having a record season and winning Livingston, Montana where he earned $6874. Egusquiza, also won Oakley City, Utah and cleared $3946. He then won the first round in Casper, Wyoming for $2654 and first in Vernal, Utah for $3929. Winning Elko, Nevada he then pocketed $1805. He also won Ogden, Utah and earned $5922 between the rounds and average win. A go round win in Spanish Fork, Utah earned him another $2900. $1836 was earned in the round at Deadwood, SD. Cheyenne Frontier Days was a good chunk of change between the rounds and third in the average, he earned $8107.
Barrel racer, Kathy Grimes, won first in the average and $4311 in Casper, Wyoming; while picking up an additional $1369 in the final round. She also placed at Vernal, Utah and earned $725. Grimes later won second in Preston, Idaho and earned $1978.
Clayton Biglow won the bareback riding in Sheridan, Wyoming taking home $4864. Biglow pocketed nearly $5000 in Salinas, California between rounds and the average.
Brittney Barnett has had a great July. She won $1676 in Belle Fourche, SD, $137 in Livingston, MT, $547 in Killdeer, ND and going on to win Big Fork, Montana earning $1449. She was second in Estes Park, Colorado and won $3231. She then won the third round in Salinas, California earning Barnett $2353. Brittney went on to win Lewiston, Montana earning her $1909.
Tyler McKnight won Estes Park, CO and pocketed $4420. He went on to win just over $3400 in Sheridan, Wyoming. McKnight won second in Wyoming earning another $1499. He got the win in Helena, Montana paying $2601. He later picked up another $1679 in Preston, Idaho.
Wyatt Hansen won the All-Around in Eugene, Oregon winning $2494 in both the team roping and tie down.
Katie Pascoe continues to edge her way up the world standings. Pascoe won $2643 in Molalla, Oregon. Pascoe, also won Sheridan, Wyoming earning $5302. Katie and her horse naughty placed at Nephi, Utah and earned another $1313. In the third go round at Salinas Rodeo she earned $1681. Placing in Ogden, Utah earned her another $1258. Placing in Spanish Fork she won another $1136. Pascoe went on to get some go round money in Cheyanne, earning herself $1270.
Barrel Racer, Kris Gadbois, cleaned house in Salinas, California. Winning second in the average and holding strong in the go rounds. Gadbois won nearly $10000.
Jake Mminor and partner Jeff Flenniken won Elgin, Oregon and pocketed $1793 per man. The pair went on to win third in Cheney, Washington pocketing $1318 and then placing in Nampa, Idaho earning the team an additional $1136.
Team rider, Ryle Smith, climbed his way up the world standings winning Nampa, Idaho in the tie down roping. Between winning the average and holding his own in the rounds, Smith pocketed $9385.
C.J. Deforest takes the All-Around title in Salinas, California.
The Salinas Rodeo team roping leaderboard was painted with Best Ever ambassadors and team riders in the average:
·       First place went to Pat Boyle and Jared Hixon winning $5595 per man.
·       Second was Blake Teixeira and Tanner Luttrell winning $4865 per man.
·       Third went to Preston Burgess and Todd Hampton winning $4135 per man.
·       Fifth went to Jake Raine and Corey Walker winning $2676 per man.
·       Sixth went to JR Dees and Cody Cowden winning $1946 per man.
·       Seventh went to Brandon Webb and Kollin Vonahn winning $1216 per man.
·       Eighth place went to Trey Blackmore and Bruce Reidhead.
Nick Guy has been having a good summer. He won $3021 in Molalla, OR. He then won an additional $1389 in Ogden, Utah.
Justin Davis and Hayes Smith came in second at Red Lodge, MT earning $2795 per man. Then fourth at Window Rock, AZ earning $1821.
Brothers, Kellan and Carson Johnson, earned $50000 a man in the team roping at the WCRA rodeo in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Congratulations to Best Ever champ, Ketch Kelton, and partner Jace Thorstenson 2018 Jr World Champions!
Congratulations to Marcy Chavez winning second in the breakaway average and Brooke Jackson on earning the top spot at the California’s Richest All Girl, put on by Danielle Craig.
On July 28th we remembered good friend and team member Broc Cresta.
Gone but never forgotten #42
July & August Birthdays
Brushton Minton – 7/1
Andy Holcomb – 7/9
Tammy Lewis – 7/9
Sid Sporer – 7/11
Danyelle Campbell – 7/13
Bret Beach – 7/18
Jason Duby – 7/22
Tyler McKnight – 7/22
Kathy Grimes – 7/24
Jason Johe – 7/25
Rocksie Marchand – 7/26
Clint Harry – 7/28
Ilyssa Glass – 7/29
Taylor Rivera – 8/4
Jessica Amicarella – 8/6
Justin Hampton – 8/9
Lane Santos Karney – 8/10
Brandi Phillips – 8/11
Trey White – 8/13
Caitlyn Wood – 8/17
Junior Zambrano – 8/17
Wyatt Cox – 8/17
Erik Bettencourt – 8/19
Cody Cowden – 8/20
Jade Corkill – 8/22
Dylan Dishion – 8/23
Lita Scott – 8/23
Dakota Kirchenschlager – 8/26
Ericka Nelson – 8/28
Prestin Huerta – 8/29
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