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Cowboy Journal

Clayton Biglow

The first thing Top Flight did was park it, and then he blew way up in air. It felt like we were friggin’ 10 feet high!”

by Clayton Biglow

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Riding for the Crown

Rider Updates


San Angelo, Texas

  • Team rider, Clayton Biglow, went 93 points on Pickett Pro Rodeo’s Top Notch, earning himself $7,500.
  • Steer Wrestling went to Blake Mindemann with a time of 4.0 seconds earning him $7,500.
  • Tie-Down Roping was won by Justin Thigpen with a time of 7.7 seconds earning $7,500


Buckeye, Arizona

  • All-Around Cowboy was Cody Cabral winning $1,649 between the Steer Wrestling and Team Roping. He also won the Steer Wrestling title.
  • The Team Roping title was a tie between Riley Minor/Brady Minor and Derrick Begay/Cory Petska, with 4.6 seconds, winning $1,895 each.
  • 3rd was Steven Duby/Jason Duby, with 4.7 seconds, winning $1,498 each.
  • 4th went to Kolton Schmidt/Jeremy Buhler with a 5.2, winning $1.102 each.


San Antonio, Texas

  • Clayton Biglow picked himself up some big money checks for a total of $3,000 won.
  • In the Team Roping average Riley Minor/Brady Minor ended up third with a time of 6.3, winning $7,500 per man.
  • Barrel Racing team rider, Kathy Grimes, ended up third overall pocketing $7,500, on top of the $9,375, she already won in her brackets.


King City, California

  • The All-Around went to Colton Campbell winning $1,926 between his Team Roping win and placing in the Tie-Down Roping.
  • Team Roping line up went as follows:
  1. (tie) Colton Campbell/Rial Englehart and Ryan Dodds/Brad Bishop, 4.6 seconds, $1,339 each
  2. Ryan Tannehill/Chad Wittstrom, 6.2 seconds, $960
  3. Lane Lowry/Jared Hixon, 6.4 seconds, $707
  4. Caden Clay/Matt Costa, 6.9 seconds, $455
  5. Cody Mora/Jason Johe, 7.1 seconds, $253
  • Destri Davenport won the Barrel Racing pocketing $1,049.



The American was a knife fight to the end in every event. Contestants had to qualify and make it through several tough rounds to earn themselves a spot to the AT&T center for a shot at the million-dollar prize money. Congratulations to everyone who competed.


  • In the Breakaway Roping, Abigayle Hampton, held her own against the greatest women in the world. We are so proud to watch her make waves in the sport of breakaway and blaze a trail for generations to come. Abigayle qualified twice for the semifinals where she came up just short of the top 4.
  • In the Tie Down Roping, Ryle Smith, had the fastest time on two coming into Sunday’s performance. Smith ended up 4th overall.
  • The Team Roping brothers, Riley and Brady Minor, stayed sharp and ended up second overall, winning $25,000 per man.


Houston Rodeo

First round:

  1. Dustin Egusquiza/Kory Koontz, 5.2 seconds, $3,000
  2. Spencer Mitchell/Russell Cardoza, 8.5, $750.

Second round:

  1. Dustin Egusquiza/Kory Koontz, 4.9 seconds, $3,000 each
  2. Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp, 5.3, $2,000

Third round:

  1. Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp, 5.3 seconds, $3,000 each
  2. Dustin Egusquiza/Kory Koontz, 6.5, $2,000

Semifinal Qualifiers:

  • Dustin Egusquiza/Kory Koontz, $8,250 each
  • Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp, $5,250 each
  • Bareback Clayton Biglow


Houston Rodeo Super Series

Team Roping

First Round:

  • 2nd Blake Texeira/Jade Corkill, 6.3, $2,000
  • 4th Zac Small/Levi Lord, 8.7, $750

Second Round:

  • 2nd Blake Texeira/Jade Corkill, 7.0, $2,000

Semifinal Qualifiers:

  • 2nd Blake Teixeira/Jade Corkill, $4,000

Tie-Down Roping:

  • First round: 1st Jordan Ketscher, 11.5 seconds, $3,000
  • Second round: 4th Jordan Ketscher, 13.7, $750

Semifinal Qualifiers:

  • 2nd (tie) Kody Mahaffey and Jordan Ketscher, $3,750 each

Team Roping

  • Dustin Egusquiza/Kory Koontz Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp

Semifinal Qualifiers:

  • Super Series 2 Team Roping: Blake Texeira/Jade Corkill
  • Super Series 3 Team Roping: Kolton Schmidt/Jeremy Buhler
  • Super Series 4 Team Roping: Ty Blasingame/Kyle Locket

Los Fresnos, Texas – Steer Wrestler, Nick Guy, picked himself up a nice $713 check in the go-round.


Kissimmee, Florida – Steer Wrestler, Quinn Campbell, picked up an $865 check.


Bay City, Texas – Barrel Racer, Brittney Barnett, earned herself $901.


The Patriot #12 – Dillon Ishman won the young guns and a check for $26,000.


Bayleigh Choate was 40 in the American Semi Barrel Racing at Cowtown and then went to be 3rd in the Jr American in Barrel Racing and then top 25 of the Patriot short go in Barrel Racing 1D.


2019 NRCHA Limited Open Bridle National Champion is team rider, Andrew Steiger


Mike Cervi Memorial Open Team Roping was won by team riders, Riley and Brady Minor.


Ashley’s Journey Barrel Race

OPEN Average

  • Open 1D: 2nd and 4th Katie Pascoe, 5th Sherrie Jones
  • Open 2D: 2nd Casey Yates
  • Saturday Open 1D:  2nd Katie Pascoe
  • Sunday Open 1D: 3rd and 4th Katie Pascoe , 5th Lacey Lockhart , 6th and 7th Michelle Silva

YOUTH Average

  • 1D Addison Escobar
  • 2D Abigail Kenecht
  • Saturday 1D: 2nd Addison Escobar
  • Sunday: 1D Alia Lathrup


  • Saturday: 1D: 1st Katie McCaslin, 2nd Katie McCaslin, 3rd Katie Pascoe
  • Sunday: 1D Katie Pascoe
  • Average: 1D Katie Pascoe


  • Katie Pascoe swept the Derby winning the both rounds and the average on their homegrown JR Streakin Espuela
  • Saturday: 1D Katie Pascoe
  • Sunday: 1D Katie Pascoe
  • Average: 1D Katie Pascoe


Speedy recovery wishes to team rider and defending champion, Jordan Ketscher, who blew his knee out during the third round of CTEC.


Justin Thigpen


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