Here’s to the kid that didn’t make it. Here’s to the boys and girls who worked their butts off all year, but still fell a little short. Here’s to the kid that may have had horse problems all year. THIS DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. That last run you messed up on doesn’t mean anything to anyone. No one is looking at you differently or thinking that you are any less of a person. You are the only person it is taking a toll on.
Not making state or nationals hurts right now and it down right sucks. However, I promise you there’s SOOO much more to come! You have so much ahead of you. You may not have had the runs you wanted this year, may not have had the right horse, you may have fumbled when you needed to be smooth, but there’s always something to look forward to. There’s so much more to be thankful for. You are alive and well. The Lord kept you safe all year. You were able to wake up another day and do what you love.
Now, take that fire that’s burning in your blood and go use it! Go out and get ready for the next one! Start preparing for the future and set goals for yourself! Have confidence in knowing that you are coming back with a fire next year! Go do you and be ready when the time comes!
Be thankful for the highs and lows. Learn from them and don’t dwell on them. Be strong and know that God has you. His plan is so much bigger. Keep striving to be your best! 
By Abigayle Hampton
Abigayle Hampton

Abigayle Hampton


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