The Right Interface Between Back and Saddle

Towing around or stopping a 500 pound steer can become much easier and more comfortable for our horses when we have the right interface between their back and the saddle. There are numerous factors to consider when deciding on a saddle pad will provide the ultimate shock absorption, pressure distribution and comfort.

One of many things I appreciate about Best Ever Pads is the in-depth education they provide on their web site, which helps any horse person in any discipline understand their individual needs and choose the perfect custom saddle pad to give their horses every opportunity to perform and feel their absolute best.

I have several Best Ever Custom Saddle Pads in the tack room right now – each one a little different and each suitable for a slightly varying horse/saddle combination and circumstance. With Best Ever’s saddle pad fitting guide, you can determine specifically which pad is best suited to you & your horse’s needs. You can also rest assured that your pad will be made from the highest quality materials and customized to fit your personal style as well!

To study up & build your own custom pad, visit

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