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“This week we caught up with one of my personal heroes, Tammy West White. I remember watching this lady rope at the BFI when I was 9 years old and thinking, “Someday I want to rope like Tammy West!”

Tammy is one of the only women to rope in the PRCA, has made the California circuit finals several times, roped at the BFI 5 times, won the Oakdale 10 Steer, and made the short round at rodeos such as Reno, Greeley, Vernal, and Salinas.

To top it all off, she is a great horse trainer, a successful business owner, a wonderful mom, and just an all around awesome lady!

You don’t want to miss this episode!!”

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How the West Won




Best Ever Team Rider Highlights
Brooks Dahozy won Glasgow, Montana earning himself $2,231.
Gerry, New York first round in the steer wrestling went to team rider, Justin Thigpen.
Riley and Brady Minor have been dominating the world standings. The brother team won the first round in Great Falls, Montana winning $1,342 per man. The team went on to place in Hermiston, Oregon pocketing another $3,159. They also took the win in Canby, Oregon earning $4,532 between the round and average. Cranbrook, British Colombia paid the brothers over $1,000 each to win the team roping title. They also took the win in Pincher Creek, Alberta earning $1,319 per man. Minors also picked up a check for $2,139 in Bremerton, Washington.
Great Falls, Montana win went to team rider, Kolton Schmidt. Schmidt not only won the average, but second in the first round and first in the second round. He won a total of $4,350. Schmidt went on to win Omak, Washington and an additional $2,599. Schmidt stayed on a roll wining Coeur D Alene, Idaho with partner and team rider, Tyler McKnight. The pair won $2,854 per man.
Brittney Barnett has continued to pick up checks in the North. She placed in Great Falls, Montana winning $407, Cascade winning $745, Glendive, Montana winning first, $504 in Gooding, Idaho, and $472 in Bremerton, Washington.
Clatyon Biglow won Omak, Washington to stay in his #3 spot for the 2018 world title.
Best Ever team, JR Dees and Cody Cowden, stay in the race to Vegas placing second in Phillipsburg, Kansas earning $3,106 per man. The team also won the average in Dodge City, Kansas. In Dodge City, Kansas the pair won a total of $7,836 between go rounds and the aggregate.
Spencer Mitchell knocks on the door to another NFR qualification winning $3,036 in Abilene, Kansas, $1,354 in Idaho Falls, $2,517 in Logan, Utah, $1,889 in Bozeman, Montana $1,251 in Afton, Wyoming.
Kathy Grimes and her great horse, Issy, pocketed $1,037 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, $586 in Bozeman, Montana, $436 in Omak Washington, $1,134 in Lynden, Washington, won the title and $2,632 in Canby, Oregon, $2,016 in Moses Lake, Washington, and $263 in Kalispell, Montana.
Katie Pascoe won $600 in Herber City, Utah.
CJ Deforest won the All Around in Santa Rosa, California – winning the team roping and placing in the calf roping. Deforest, also won the All Around in Tehachapi, California.
Kathy Petska took the barrel racing win Tehachapi. California.
Garrett Tonozzi and partner, Joe Mattern, took the win in Afton, Wyoming taking home $1,512 per man.
Brushton Minton won the tie down roping in Santa Rosa, California.
Nick Guy won the steer wrestling in Canby, Oregon. He pocketed $3,895 between round one and the aggregate.
Blake Teixeira earned the team roping title in Logan, Utah winning $2,813.
Case Hirdes had a great August, winning second in Santa Rosa. Case and partner, Dylan Dishion, pocketed $948 in Payson, Arizona.
Ventura Rodeo was a three-way split between Case Hirdes and Dylan Dishion, Blake Hirdes, Cody Mora and Jason Johe.
Kathy Petksa dominated the Ventura Rodeo barrel racing with a 14.3.
Jordan Ketscher won the All Around in Moses Lake, Washington.
The Santa Barbara rodeo was dominated by Best Ever team riders. Congratulations to Tyler Forsberg on his All-Around win earning $3,125. Bear Pascoe won second in the steer wrestling and Chant Deforest won the tie down roping. The team roping was a Best Ever showdown of team riders too. First went to Pat Boyle and Denny Watkins. Second went to Case Hirdes and Dylan Dishion, third was Caden Clay and Tyler Forsberg. Fourth was Ryan Reed and Wyatt Hanson. The barrel racing title went to Sami Jo Morisoli.
Dustin Egusquiza filled his pockets in Kennewick, Washington winning the first round, finals and the average. He and partner, Kory Koontz, earned $8,491 per man.
Norco, California had a lineup of team rider wins. Chant Deforest won the All Around as well as the team roping. Bear Pascoe won second in the steer wrestling. And Kathy Petska pocketed $155 in the barrels.
Jeff Flenniken went back to the lead in the Rookie of The Year standings after his big win in San Juan Capistrano, California. He and partner, Jake Minor, won $9,287 per man for the weekend.
August & September Birthdays
Taylor Rivera – 8/4
Jessica Amicarella – 8/6
Justin Hampton – 8/9
Lane Santos Karney – 8/10
Brandi Phillips – 8/11
Trey White – 8/13
Caitlyn Wood – 8/17
Junior Zambrano – 8/17
Wyatt Cox – 8/17
Erik Bettencourt – 8/19
Cody Cowden – 8/20
Jade Corkill – 8/22
Dylan Dishion – 8/23
Lita Scott – 8/23
Dakota Kirchenschlager – 8/26
Ericka Nelson – 8/28
Prestin Huerta 8/29
Alison Grantham -9/1
Doyle Thomas Hoskins – 9/2
Trey Blackmore – 9/2
Cory Petska – 9/3
Case Hirdes – 9/6
Ryan Reed – 9/8
Shad Platt – 9/15
Tom Lewis – 9/15
Delaina Taketa – 9/17
Dustin Egusquiza – 9/19
Coy Smith – 9/21
Tom Richards – 9/22
Blayze Fallis – 9/23
London Gorham – 9/24
Pete Oen – 9/26
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