Two barriers in the last six months. Two barriers that have cost me $150,000. Gut wrenching isn’t it? To think I’ve left too early twice this year for stupid amounts of money. It hurts. Makes me want to scream. I’ll admit, I have. But what’s screaming going to do? What’s complaining about it going to do? What’s making excuses for it going to do? NOTHING. Nothing I say or explain will take away from the fact that I flat SCREWED UP. Now don’t let this post fool you, I’ve broke more than just two barriers in the last six months… for darn good money as well. Barriers have been my down fall these last few months. That little white string has cost me WAY MORE than just $150,000. No matter what anyone tells me I still won’t get it through my head that I HAVE TO SCORE. They say if you don’t break it every once in a while you’re not trying, well I’ve obviously been trying too hard! I have to let the calf out to a certain point THEN go get him. It’s truly disappointing that I’ve not figured it out, and because I haven’t figured it out, I have cost myself huge chances that are rare.
But here my friends is where goals come in. I have now achieved my goals of making it to the places I’ve wanted to go. However, it’s time to dig deeper. It’s time that I put my foot down and tell myself no more. No more will I allow my head to beat myself out of the box. No more will I make excuses like “the calf didn’t start” or “my horse jumped off the back”. NO MORE EXCUSES. No more allowing myself to believe it wasn’t my fault. It is my fault. I am the reason for the mistake, not my horse, not the calf, not the judge… me, I am the reason for my own mistakes. But now, I need to learn from them.
I truly think it is a turning point in an athletes career when they can own up to their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions. There will always be another one, but don’t let the same mistake happen twice. I have allowed the same mistake to happen twice. But never again. Never again will I cuff myself when I run one for that kind of money, in that kind of setup. I will rise to the occasion. I will learn to trust my ability and my horse’s ability. So today, ask yourself this… am I cuffing myself? Am I holding myself back from bigger success because of excuses? Am I taking responsibility for my actions, or blaming it on other aspects? Truly ask yourself this, and if you are fumbling for words or can’t really give yourself an answer, then THAT IS your answer. Don’t let excuses hold you back from success. God has a plan, this does not define you. Set goals and go achieve them!
– Abigayle Hampton
Abigayle Hampton

Abigayle Hampton

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