That describes my life with horses and rodeo.
I was lucky enough to grow up with the sport of rodeo in my blood having two wonderful parents who competed in team roping , calf roping and breakaway roping all over Ontario.
Who taught me the value of hard work and perseverance, who taught me that the animal comes first and the sport second. For this I am thankful.
After losing my dad to a massive heart attack when I was 10 years old, I’m thankful the memories and lessons he taught me in life .
I am thankful my wonderful mother learned how to drive the truck and trailer and who took over running our family farm so I could still ride and rope. Who spent hours driving me to rodeos and who helped me buy my first horse. Thankful for my mom who was there when i set my first arena record in breakaway and who was there when I was thrown from my horse trying to catch a fast calf.
Thankful for our friends and family who hosted a memorial roping for over 15 years in honor of my father.
Thankful for my husband, mother and son who cheer me on at rodeos and tow the dummy around my arena at home so I can practice.
Thankful for the nickers I hear every morning from my wonderful ponies in the barn and for the love and life lessons my family, friends , animals and rodeo has taught me.

-Elizabeth Jamieson

Elizabeth Jamieson

Elizabeth Jamieson


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