Finding the Ideal Match

There’s probably no greater mistake we can make that can cause our horse’s to develop a disdain for roping and quick decline in their performance than not choosing (and maintaining) the right interface to absorb and distribute the hit of a steer.

It’s not uncommon to choose a pad that’s not the ideal match for our horse, then to not replace or clean our pads often enough. A dirty, stiff pad alone can create back soreness, and just because we have a quality pad that seems to last forever, doesn’t mean we should continue using it forever.

Without a doubt I want to eliminate every possible obstacle that could contribute to anything less than my horse’s most athletic and comfortable performance. I’ve found Best Ever Pads to be the ‘best ever’ option to help me do that.

Right now I have three different Best Ever Pads for Dot Com, each perfect for varying circumstances:

▪️A soft, flexible Kush pad that conforms to his back and allows for plenty of freedom for his shoulders for exercise rides.

▪️A ¾” Cadillac Kush with closed-cell foam inserts for roping practice, allowing me more close contact communication for schooling.

▪️A 1” Cadillac Kush with closed-cell foam inserts for extra support throughout those long, tough days at marathon team ropings.

Whatever your discipline, your horse’s build or the expectations you have for them, Best Ever has a pad to suite your needs and most importantly their web site offers a great deal of educational material to learn more and better understand & determine exactly what your horse’s unique needs are.

Saddle pad choice has such a great impact not only on every ride & run today, but affects every ride & run into the future. An investment in a Best Ever Pad is one that will continue to pay off in your horse’s health, soundness and performance.

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