Equi Spa Review


Equi Spa was kind enough to let us review their new and upcoming products.

The first product in the line I tried was the Fairy Tails Spray. Fairy Tails Spray is great to use every day to get the tangles out of the mane and tail! This product really makes it so much easier to brush through the hair.

Fairy Tails Spray






The second product I tried was the Cooling Tea Tree Gel. I really loved the smell of the Tea Tree Gel and it was great to use on my horse’s back and legs every day after a workout. The only thing I will say is, I did not like how the gel left an oil residue on my horse’s coat, so I would just recommend cleaning the area really well before and after application.

Cooling Tea Tree Gel







The third product I tried was the Peppermint Summer Protection Spray and this stuff smells great! I sprayed the Summer Protection Spray on my horses in the morning before it got too warm and the flies swarmed. This stuff really works! I would spray it on in the mornings and would go back out in the afternoons and there wasn’t a single fly on my horses! I was happy with that result and I know my horses were too. It was nice to go out to them and see that they were not irritated and swishing their tails and being frustrated. So, I know this Summer Protection Spray will last for hours and I won’t have to worry throughout the day of how many flies will I come out to this time.

Peppermint Summer Protection






Finally, my favorite product in the line, the Orchard Oil and Coconut Gloss. My horse’s hair tends to just get tangled and matted even though I brush his mane and tail every day. Also, the dock of his tail is always itchy and peeling and I haven’t found anything that really helps with all of that in one. The Orchard Oil and Coconut Gloss did wonders for my horse’s mane, tail and scalp! His hair feels so silky smooth now and almost never gets tangled and it STAYS that way for days. Although, while attempting to use the sprayer for the first time it broke on me, so that was a real bummer. But I told Equi Spa and they sent me two new sprayers FAST! I was really stoked on their response time, and they were genuinely sorry for the product malfunction.

Orchard Oil and Coconut Gloss






All in all, I would really recommend Equi Spa to other horse owners for an everyday upkeep or if you have a horse with coarse, unmanageable hair that nothing seems to tame down. Thank you, Equi Spa!


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