Caitlyn Wood: It’s a mental game

Best Ever Pads team rider Caitlyn Wood and her horse Spookdeville, “Caddy”, make quite the dynamic duo. The pair has been together since 2012, and have already racked up quite a list of accomplishments including; 2013 Run2Win Champion // Youth 1D, 2013 Barrels by the Beach Champion // Open 1D, 2014 ACBRA Year End Finals Open 1D Average Champion, 2014 Run2Win Summer Sizzler Youth Champion, 2015 WPRA Youth Year End Champion  and 2015/2016 CHSRA State Qualifier.

However, Wood and Caddy’s greatest accomplishment was the recovery and comeback following a traumatic accident.

[It was] a really bad accident that probably would of killed any other horse,” Wood said, “He had three facial fractures, 500 stitches in his chest, a flayed leg, his sinuses were ripped out, he had a collapsed lung, and a spike through his brain cavity.”

Caddy made a miraculous recovery and came back to carry Wood to win the second round of the Run2Win Finals in 2013.

“This was kind of our first run back that he actually felt like himself again,” Wood said, “I’ll always remember that run and just how relieving it was to know I had my boy back.”

Wood is no stranger to pressure, and thrives under it by keeping her mental game strong.

“Always have faith in yourself and never let someone else determine your outcome,” Wood said, “Your mental game is a major key in this sport and if you just focus on your own goals and your own progress, you [are] sure to succeed!”

Wood rides her young horses in a 1” Kush wool saddle pad, and Caddy gets custom wear leathers done by Desert Rose Equine.

For more information on Caitlyn and Caddy, visit her rider profile here.

Best Ever Pads team rider Caitlyn Wood and Spookdeville


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