Best Ever Sport Inspires Best Ever Product

Best Ever Sport Inspires Best Ever Product

By Shannon Jones

Elbert Hubbard once warned the world to: “Get happiness out of your work or you may
never know what happiness is.” It is possible that no one quite understands the importance of this
secret to bliss as completely and wholesomely as Ryan and Tammy White, creators and owners
of Best Ever Pads. Best Ever Pads is a unique and flourishing company that specializes in
constructing custom saddle pads for the western and rodeo industries, offering an incredibly
personalized experience for rodeo athletes and organizations across the country. In reality,
however, Ryan and Tammy’s Best Ever Pads represents so much more than an innovative and
stylish approach to saddle pads. This company that has grown out of a tremendous love for the
western way of life epitomizes the essence of an incredibly special sport, the love and value for
an intimate family operation, and the commitment to supporting a sport and industry that is
undeniably worthy of such advocacy.

Best Ever Pads is located just 10 miles west of enviable San Luis Obispo and 2 miles
south of beautiful Morro Bay in Los Osos, California, one of the most serene communities on the
Central Coast. The pristine location and enchanting elements of this Central California town are
both primary ingredients to the success and pleasure found in Best Ever Pads; owner Ryan White
often spends his mornings surfing on nearby beaches before devoting his afternoon energies to
constructing his unique pads. While the Central Coast is not exorbitantly famous for having
strong rodeo roots, the Whites have been able to blend their diverse passions and attachment to
such a fabulous location with their thriving rodeo-related business that has reached rodeo athletes
across America, and that continues to gain popularity among a very broad breadth of western

Meet the Owners

Such innovation and improvement of a standard tack item like the saddle pad would not
have been possible without an impressive background and extensive knowledge of the rodeo
industry. Lucky for Best Ever Pads, the Whites’ resumes are some of the most spectacular that
can be found in the entire rodeo realm. Ryan is a team roper and surfing enthusiast who was
raised on a working cattle ranch in Hawaii, and represented the first Hawaii high school rodeo in
1988. He was a state champion team roper and 6-time California Circuit finalist. Tammy,
likewise, is a strong rodeo competitor, and involved in both the team roping and barrel racing
disciplines. If you ask Tammy about her rodeo accomplishments, she will humbly give credit to
her father, Lanny, and grandfather, Noel; both were tremendous horsemen and cowboys that
Tammy fondly looks up to and attributes much of her love for the fantastic sport of rodeo. Lanny
was also a successful team roper and horse trainer that had an incredible impact on Tammy’s
formidable roping abilities: She boasts the title of being the winningest girl in the Professional
Rodeo Cowboys Association for team roping. Tammy’s supremacy and swagger in the rodeo
arena makes most men cringe at the sight of her name on the entry list in a sport that is almost
entirely void of female competitors; Tammy’s dual qualifications to the California Circuit finals
and several open roping championships would be striking on anyone’s list of accomplishments,
let alone that of a female. What is perhaps most magnificent about the duo is that Ryan and
Tammy compete as a team at professional rodeos all over California as the only husband and
wife team, and they look good doing it!

Somewhere nearby, you will undoubtedly find the two White boys: Trey (5 years) and
Colton (3 years). The family of four travels to rodeos and ropings year-round together, which
makes the rodeo lifestyle one that is unrivaled by any other sport. The family faces the
“challenge” of balancing weekends between professional rodeos for Ryan and Tammy and junior
rodeos for Trey and Colton, an opportunity and situation that is arguably exclusive to the
fabulous world of rodeo. It was this love and enthusiasm for such a tremendous way of life that
inspired the Whites to develop a product and business that would enhance the sport, while
simultaneously harnessing a lifestyle that allowed the family to incorporate their undeniable
expertise, perpetual passion, and their incomparable friends and family of rodeo athletes.

Introduce: Best Ever Pads!

What’s In a Saddle Pad?

Best Ever Pads began in 2002 with the simple idea of creating a fun, individualized
saddle pad that would cater to a wide array of horses and disciplines. Ryan (and original partner
Ross Farias) developed Best Ever Pads by first taking the wear leathers off existing pads and
decorating them to fit his visions. That idea then progressed into the idea being communicated
and manufactured by a saddle maker who would construct the pads to meet Ryan’s
specifications. Popularity and widespread recognition of Best Ever Pads demanded a
modification of facilities, so today the company operates out of a shop that overlooks the White’s
roping arena in charming Los Osos, where Ryan, Tammy, and three local employees offer over
1,000 options for custom, original saddle pads. The pads are unique in that they represent the
first customization of saddle pads that are simultaneously functional for all disciplines of western
horsemanship. The fundamental goal for the product was to create a new look for saddle pads,
while customizing to each individual and applying the knowledge of western riding that has
worked so flawlessly for Ryan and Tammy. Best Ever Pads uses the highest quality wool and
poly felt with a contour fit that is attractive in that they do not require the use of a navajo blanket
(although they can also be used with a navajo, if desired by the rider). Ryan and Tammy’s
extensive experience in the rodeo and horse industries have demonstrated that too much or not
enough density of saddle pads can cause saddles to roll on the horse, which consequently
promotes soreness; when you are as avid competitors as the Whites, and your horses provide a
partnership that is so deeply valued and appreciated, soreness is not an option. Therefore, the
Whites created a 1-inch and a 3/4-inch pad in which the densities and materials distribute
pressure through the bars of the saddle and the horse’s back, which in turn alleviates too much
pressure on latissimus dorsi and allows the the back to “breathe” through the wool and felt. The
pad shape is universal, but the unique contour shape, combined with the choice of thickness,
make it a desirable pad for all horses in all western disciplines – an impressive characteristic that
is absent in nearly every product on the market.

The Best Ever Team

What began as a nonchalant and spontaneous idea for a personal saddle pad has since
evolved into a thriving business that represents a product used by some of the most decorated
and prominent rodeo athletes in the world. The Best Ever Team is nothing short of spectacular,
and is represented by athletes in an extensive array of events and disciplines. Professional
athletes and weekend amateurs alike have discovered the ascendancy of Best Ever Pads, and the
resume of Best Ever’s team is undeniable evidence of that. Professional team ropers are
especially found of the decorative, custom pads, boasting team members like 2009 World
Champion Heeler and 2-time WNFR qualifier Kollin VonAhn, as well as 2010 Pendleton Rodeo
Champion and world record holder Jade Corkill. Corkill has twice been crowned the George
Straight Team Roping Champion Heeler, a feat that is indeed rare and impressive. Heeling
sensation Cesar de la Cruz is another proud Best Ever team member, with 5 WNFR
qualifications already under his belt. Other renown team roper endorsers include the original
team members and multiple WNFR qualifiers Dugan Kelly and Clayton Grant. Best Ever Pads
are also incredibly popular among barrel racing competitors, which is substantiated by Best Ever
Team members and WNFR qualifiers Danyelle Campbell, Nellie Williams, Sheena Robbins, and
Lita Scott. Steer wrestler and WNFR qualifier Blake Knowles is another proud member of the
Best Ever Team, expanding the realm of rodeo cowboys that believe in and trust Best Ever Pads.
The excellence of Best Ever Pads also manifests outside the rodeo arena, which is evidenced by
Team Member Lance Graves, whose barrel racing resume includes titles of AQHA World
Champion, BFA World Champion, and Congress Champion. Champion barrel racer Nellie
Williams praises her Best Ever Pads, saying that “the pads are very unique looking and they
always fit my horse well. I always get lots of compliments on them.” The list of professionals
who patronize Best Ever Pads is extensive and impressive, and absolutely demonstrates the
preeminence and popularity of the product.

In addition to a dazzling resume of Best Ever Pads endorsers, the company has recently
introduced a timeless rodeo legend as their new sales manager. Angel Crosthwaite is a 2-time
WNFR contestant in team roping, a top 10 AQHA qualifier for 5 years in a row, has trained
numerous horses (some of which have gone on to the WNFR), and is renown for his ability to
teach people to ride and rope. What makes Angel especially unique to the Best Ever Team is that
he was a remarkable mentor to Ryan and his father, Bill, and greatly influenced their
involvement in the team roping and rodeo worlds. Angel and his father, Phillip Crosthwaite, have
been long-time family friends of the Whites, not to mention some of the best coaches
imaginable; such strong ties make this new business partnership extraordinarily special. Having a
rodeo superstar such as Angel as the manager of sales speaks volumes for the quality and
hegemony that Best Ever Pads represents.

Best Ever Gives Back

Despite their rapid success and tremendous popularity, Best Ever Pads never waivers in
their desire and commitment to give back to the rodeo community. Ryan and Tammy are known
and recognized as extraordinary sponsors, always eager to share their product and excited to see
them used as performance tools. They have provided huge donations to various associations,
large or small, and are always enthusiastic about offering support to diverse events. Best Ever
Pads has been a sponsor at events as large as the Bob Feist Invitational team roping in Reno,
Nevada (one of the most prestigious roping events in the country), but also supports and sponsors
junior rodeos, high school rodeos, college rodeos, and various jackpots around the country.
Ryan and Tammy White’s generosity and humbleness of Best Ever Pads clearly
exemplifies their passion and appreciation for a sport that is so special to them and the entire
western community. They are always eager to communicate their reasons for business because it
unmistakably comes from a place deep inside, spawned by a passion that is instilled so
profoundly that a product and lifestyle has manifested from it. Perhaps that is why their product
is welcomed so zealously by the western and rodeo communities – because the motivating factors
and dedication to the rodeo world are so relevant and easily recognizable. The essence and
character of Best Ever Pads is indeed inspiring, and continually reminds so many of us why we
have such a tremendous and unwavering connection to our beloved sport. It is hard not to
appreciate a product that has evolved from such a fervent adoration of sport and family, and one
whose joy is so harnessed by the creators. If a blend of work and happiness is one of life’s
special secrets, I think Ryan and Tammy White may have hit the nail directly on the head.


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