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Best Ever Pads are a proud American product, designed and made by people who pride themselves in their work. They utilize creative expertise in order to provide an original, unique product that is on the cutting edge and designed with insight and made with care for a top quality product.

Best Ever Pads are crafted primarily with the interest of maximizing a horse’s potential through premier equine stewardship. It is important to us that each equine athlete is offered the highest level of protection and comfort available, and they have taken pride in delivering that product to their customers since the Best Ever Pads’ founding in 2002.

The handsome Western saddle pad shown here with stylish serape design is specifically cut to allow the cinch to mold naturally around the horse’s girth, allowing for closer contact for the rider’s legs. It is also cutout over the withers for better wither clearance and reduced spinal pressure. The two-piece contour design allows for a comfortable fit that helps eliminate pressure along the horse’s spine, and helps prevent over-cinching, and saddle movement.

Want to make your pad personal? No problem! Best Ever Pads take customization to a whole new level with over 30 leather options, as well as custom brand, initial, imaging and embroidery options. Build your own online at

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