Adequate Shock Absorption & Unrestricted Range of Motion

In the past, Dot Com would sometimes lunge in a run after getting a hold of a steer, even at times ‘rounding his back’ – but not in a good way!

The first place we want to look with an issue like this, is at how we can help our horses have a more comfortable experience in a run. There are several areas we can consider, but a good starting point is our saddle and pad.

DC came to us with some significant damage from poor fit, so I’ve always made sure his saddle was a good match. Since using Best Ever Pads, his lunging habit started occurring less and now that I’ve gotten really specific about the pad I use in competition (a Cadillac Kush), it has become a thing of the past.

I appreciate the sight and feel of him shifting into low gear and really engaging his body with more positive flexion over his topline, made possible when he has adequate shock absorption and comfortable, unrestricted range of motion.

There are so many variables and challenges that present themselves in team roping, making it critical that we do everything possible to influence the factors we can control, and tip them in our favor.

It only takes one run to change our life forever. We don’t want to gamble on our horses not feeling and performing their absolute best, that’s why Best Ever is my no. 1 choice as the interface between my saddle and my most valuable investment.

Craig Smith Team Roping

Craig Smith Team Roping

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