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Meet our riders

Jade Corkill

Rides a 1″ Kush Wool Pad

I've liked all my Best Ever Pads, but without a doubt this is the best pad ever!

Angie Meadors

Rides a 1″ Kush Wool Pad

I love my custom Best Ever Pads!

Phillip Ralls

Rides a 3/4″ Kush Wool Pad

Travis Graves

Rides a 1" Fleesar Pad

My horses are the most important thing in my job. That's why I use Best Ever Pads - because I only want the best for them!

Samantha Erdmann

Rides a 1″ OG Wool Pad

Katie McCaslan

Rides a 1″ Kush Wool Pad

Camish Jennings

Rides a 3/4″ Cadillac Wool Pad with Fleece Lining

Nellie Williams

Rides a 1″ Kush Wool Pad

Jackie Gudmundson

Rides a 1″ Kush Wool Pad

Andy Holcomb

Rides a 1″ Kush Wool Pad

Sheena Robbins

Rides a 3/4″ Kush Wool Pad

Tammy White

Rides a 1″ Kush Wool Pad

Justin Wade Davis

Rides a 1″ OG Wool Pad

Lita Scott

Rides a 1″ OG Wool Pad

Kollin Vonahn

Rides a 3/4″ Kush Wool Pad

Brock Hanson

Rides a 1.25″ Kush Wool Pad

Danyelle Campbell

Rides a 3/4” Kush Wool Saddle Pad and a 1/2” BHS Fleece (aka 1D Lite) Saddle Pad

Being a barrel racer, I may change bits every day, but my Best Ever Pads are here to stay. I trust Best Ever Pads to protect my investments and look good doing it.

Cesar de la Cruz

Rides a 3/4" BHS Wool Pad with Fleece Lining

BHS Deluxe is the complete pad. It doesn't move at all when you cinch it down, stays snug on my horse's back, and doesn't rub. It's a real solid pad. Best Ever Pads - the name speaks for itself.

Lance Graves

Rides a 1" OG Wool Saddle Pad

Thanks Best Ever for an amazing product! My futurity horses have never had anything else on their backs!

Spencer Mitchell

Rides a 1" Fleesar Saddle Pad and a 1.25" Kush Saddle Pad

I've ridden Best Ever Pads for many years and they've never given up on me, so I'm never going to quit using them.

Dakota Kirchenschlager

Rides a 1.25" Kush Pad

I don't need to tell you why I like Best Ever Pads, it speaks for itself!

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